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Be welcome in VZW-ASBL “Adembenemend-Retouraucentre” in the quiet part of Belgium, at the foot of the Ardennes.
My open Home is breath-taking, but still more breath-giving. As I produced two breathing CD’s available in English that introduce you in the world of breathing and Zen-meditation and Self-Healing.
These breathing exercises will help you to be the Creator that you are. Our role of victim doesn’t help us to create a beautiful life. Let us embrace all experiences in the Now-moment. Some of them contain a lesson others are just to enjoy.
I just finished my second weekend about “A Course of Love”. It is not only a Course of Self-Love, but that’s where it begins. You will fall in Love with life and miracles can happen! I come to your home to share this course with your friends or you are welcome with your friends to follow this Course at my place. You just give me something for your stay because the Course itself is for free. I got it for free, I pass it on for free. Because giving is receiving says the Course in Miracles and “The Course of Love” takes this brilliant idea also as a starting point. But first there is some “unlearning” of old ego-stuff to be done. Once this is released you can discover Self, your-Self and then the journey of Love can start and everything changes.
You are all so welcome here!

Johan Claus

As an appetitizer I offer you an anthology of the inspiring “A Course of Love”
Dear You, I offer you here an anthology of the fabulous book: “A Course of Love” . Enjoy reading it!
But I want to prevent you! You highly risk by reading these 33 quotations to start loving your-Self much more. Your thoughts risk to be more united with your heart and you might be starting to live more intensely then ever here and Now.
The purpose of this book is summarized well in this short video of Mooji to humanity concerning Corona-times. You can watch this video on Youtube
„A Course of Love“ has in fact the same goal: to find unity in your-Self and in unity with the world and the universe, but it also offers you the steps to realize this in your everyday life!
I wish you a loving and agreeable reading and if it touches you, feel free to share this with your friends and with me. All reactions are welcome
I started enjoying “A Course of Love” during Corona-lockdown. You might call it the ultimate book after “A Course in Miracles”, maybe a bit easier and more in the heart.
Enjoy and read with heart and mind united!
1.10: “It is impossible to learn anything on your own. Your determination to do so only blocks your learning. It is only through union with me that you learn because it is only in union with me that you are your Self.”
2.5: “If love cannot be taught but only recognized, how is this recognition made possible? Through love’s effects. For cause and effect are one. Creation is love’s effect, as are you.”
3.16: “You who have been unable to separate mind from body, brain from head, and intelligence from knowledge, take heart. We give up trying. We simply learn in a new way and in our learning realize that our light shines from within our heart.”
4.27: “This foreign world where you have been so lonely and afraid will linger for a while where it can terrify you no longer, until finally i twill fade away into the nothingness from which it came as a new world rises up to take its place.”
5.5: “You think relationship exists between one body and another and while you think this is so, you will not understand relationship or union or come to recognize love as what it is.”
5.32 “Remember now one lovely day, for each of you has had at least one that was a shining light in a world of darkness. A day in which the sun shone on your world and you felt part of everything. Every tree and every flower welcomed you. Every drop of water seemed to refresh your soul, every breeze to carry you to heaven. Every smile seemed meant for you, and your feet hardly seemed to touch the soft ground on which you walked. This is what awaits you as you join with what you see. This awaits you as you place no judgments on the world, and in so doing join with everything and extend your holiness across a world of grief, causing it to become a world of joy.”
6.16 “Why then do you think that peace is endless sunshine? Peace is merely enjoyment of the rain and sun, night as well as day. Without judgment cast upon it, peace shines on all that you would look upon, as well as every situation you would face.”
7.1. “What you give you will receive in truth. What you do not receive is a measure of what you withhold.”
8.15. “Think of your body now as the surface of your existence and look upon it. Stand back from it, for it is not your home. The heart we speak of does not abide in it and nor do you. Separate bodies cannot unite in wholeness. They were made to keep wholeness from you and to convince you of the illusion of your separateness. Step back. See your body as just the surface layer of your existence. 8.16. If your body and what lies within it are not who you are, you feel as if you are left homeless. This feeling of homelessness is necessary for your return to your real home. 8.17 Your “other” home is the home you feel as if you have left and the home you feel the desire to return to. Yet it is where you are, and you could not be anywhere else. Your home is here.”
9.16. “Fear, like all the rest of your emotions, comes in many guises and is given many names, but there are really only two emotions: one is fear, the other love. Fear is thus the source of all illusion, love the source of truth.”
10.4. “The beginning of all transformation is at the source, and this is as true of illusion as of the truth. You see your body as your self, and your self as “source” of all that you have done and felt in all your days upon this earth. Yet your real Source is at the centre of your Self(…). 10.32-33 A door has been reached, a threshold crossed. What your mind still would deny your heart cannot. A tiny glimmering of memory has returned to you and will not leave you to the chaos you (your ego) seem to prefer.”
11.18. “In having chosen separation over unity, you but chose fear over love. When you let go of fear and invite unity to return,, you but send out an invitation to love and say you are welcome here. What is a dinner party where love is not? It is merely a social obligation. But a dinner party where love is welcomed to take its place becomes a celebration.”
12.24 “What we call Father is but creation’s heavenly face, a personification of what cannot truly be personified. You find it hard to believe Creation itself can be benevolent and kind, or just another name for love, but such it is.”
13.11 “Might some of your preconceived notions of others and yourself be shattered? Oh yes, and rightly so. Gladly will you let them go and, if you trust yourself, all the evidence against your brother or sister that you have stored up in your lifetime will be let go as well.”
14.22 “Loss of love comes from only one source. Call it fear or call it separation but it is still the same. For in your separated state you ask that love makes you special to someone else, and that one special to you. You think this is what love is for, and so you make of it something it is not and only call it love.”
14.31 “Let us ask instead how loving all as one can bring harm? If you love all the same, what loss is there to anyone, including the one you would choose to make special? All that is lost is specialness.”
15.2 “What harm is there in specialness? Only all the harm you see within the world.”
16.21 “Power is possessed by those who claim it. By those who cry I am. For the beginning of power comes from the rejection of powerlessness. The rejection of powerlessness is but a step toward your identity achieved through the awakening of love of Self.”
17.17 “The first move toward wholeness is but to understand this: heart and mind are not separate. A united mind and heart is a whole heart, or wholeheartedness.”
18.11 “The experience of unity will alter your belief system and that of others, for what you learn in unity is shared.”18.19. “The transformation from a state of separation to a state of unity is a miracle indeed, fort his transformation requires recognition of a state that you cannot recognize in separation. While this is a paradox, it is not impossible for the simple reason that you never left the state of unity that you do not recognize. Your lack of recognition can thus be overcome by remembering the truth of what you are.”
19.9. “You have not been able to do this thus far because you have desired specialness for yourself and a few others rather than belovedness for all. But now, perhaps, you are ready.”
20.2 “This is a call to move now into my embrace and let yourself be comforted. Let the tears fall and the weight of your shoulders rest upon mine. Let me cradle your head against my breast as I stroke your hair and assure you that it will be all right. (…) Drink in the safety and the rest. Close your eyes and begin to see with an imagination that is beyond thought and words.”
20.22-23 “You exist in holiness. The first step in remembering this holiness is forgetting. Let yourself forget that you do not feel holy and that the world does not appear to be sacred. Let your heart remember that you are holy and that the world is sacred.”
20.25 “Thankfulness is the nature of your being. It could not be otherwise when awe and magnificence encompass you in the embrace. Your heart sings in gratitude for the all that you are. You are the beauty of the world and peace abides within you.”
20.26 “Peace is the foundation of your being. Not a peace that implies an absence but a peace that implies a fullness. Wholeness is peaceful. Only separation creates conflict.”
20.27 “Love is the source of your being. You flow from love, an outpouring without end. You are thus eternal. You are pure and innocent because you flow from love. What flows from love is changeless and boundless. You are without limit. You are eternal.”
20.43 “To believe in your perfection and the equality of your gifts is peaceful because it releases you from trying to acquire that which you previously believed you were lacking. It releases you from judgment because you know that your brothers and sisters are also beings of perfection. When you begin to see them as such, what you will receive from them is far grander than anything you would before have wished to take from them.”
20.48 “Your heart has a different scope, a different view. It is the view from within the embrace, the view from love’s angle. It is the view of the dying who realize nothing matters but love.”
21.10 “Knowing the one truth is not about knowing a certain dogma or a set of facts. Those who know the truth do not see themselves as right and others as wrong. Those who know the truth find it for themselves by joining mind and heart. Those who know the truth become beings of love and light and see the same loving truth in all.”
22.23 “As the universal becomes available, you will have no desire for the personal. Even so, you will find that what you consider your individuality or uniqueness is very much intact, but that it is different than you have always imagined it to be. You will find that you fulfil a grand purpose, and have a wonderful part to play in a grand design. You will not feel cheated by losing your separated self. You will feel free.”
23.29 “Yet how can you become a master of what another would teach? Of lessons another would select? Your life must become your teacher, and you its devoted pupil. Here is a curriculum designed specifically for you, a curriculum only you can master. Only your life experiences have led to the learning you have accumulated and translated into beliefs. Only your own life experiences will reverse the process.”
24.2. “The time to resist tenderness can be seen as a sign. The time to resist the tears of weariness is over. This is the time of the embrace. 24.4. The time of tenderness precedes the time of peace and is the forerunner of compassion.”
25.3 “You, dear children, have faked because your way through much of life. You have faked confidence when you are uncertain, interest where you feel indifference, knowledge of things about which you know nothing. But those who have tried to fake love cannot do it. The same is true of devotion, because there is no real devotion without love. 25.16 you begin to live from love when the personal self gets out of the way. And when the personal self gets out of the way in any instance, it is the turning point. It is the signal that you are ready to live from love. This is what this Course is about. Living from love.”
26.15 “This course is but a trigger. These words the prelude to the explosion. It is as if you have been waiting for someone to whisper: Now! The whisper has come. The time is now. 2.16 Can you let the worries of today leave your mind? Can you let the disappointments of yesterday go and be no more? Can you let the planning for the future cease? Can you be still and know your Self?”
27.2 “Your being here is not futile or without purpose. Your being is itself all purpose, all honour, all glory. There is no being apart from being. There is no being alive and being dead, being human or being divine. There is only being. Being is.”
28.13 “There are no more decisions for you to make. There is only a call for a dedicated and devoted will, a will dedicated to the present moment, to those who are sent to you and to how you are guided to respond to them. One will be a teacher, another a student. The difference will be clear if you listen with your heart.”
30.6 “Universal consciousness is being in relationship. It is the true Self, the known Self, in all its glorious relationship with life. All matter is born and dies. All life is forever. The known Self realizes this and begins to act in accordance with his knowing.”
31.1 “There is only one Mind, just as there is only one Will. This you are afraid of, as you believe this statement threatens your independence, something you consider a state of being to be highly prized. This statement , however, more rightly confirms your interdependence and your wholeness.”
32.3 “Thus we end this Course with love given and love received in truth. You are the learner here until you realize that you are Love. You then become the teacher of what you are. Your mind and heart join in wholeheartedness in the embrace. You are home, and there you will forever stay. 32.4 And thus I say to you, Amen. You have returned to Love, and your relationship with Love has returned you to your Self. Think not. This Course requires no thought and no effort.”
In this book Jesus i stalking, you can feel it is really him, no doubt for me. He sometimes talks about God, or about Source, or about our-Self. I think we can’t blame him for doing this. But some of the readers will have a problem here, as an atheist or as an agnostic. One day I was far away of what they called God, the God of the abused acolytes, the God of false love, the so called God of IS or the God mi tuns from the Germans. And so I became an agnostic myself, I must say God was no longer my issue. But as this book was my issue and God was mentioned sometimes one day I asked in my meditation: “May I ask: who you are in fact?” And God gave me this immediate answer : “My dear friend, you know me already, I was called “Jahweh” a long time ago: the one that is, and who invites everyone to be. But don’t call me God, give me your own names to me!”
In this book he and she reveals itself as pure being, as pure Love, just as we can sometimes experience the unity in our heart and soul with our deeper Self and with all that lives. It loves us all and embraces all very softly and lovingly as you can love yourself. It loves every single human being as much and ask us to try to do the same, with compassion.
Eckhart Tolle calls it “izzness”, which is exactly the same as the translation of “Jahweh”: “The being – he-she who is”. Others call it Source or Source of Love. Others call it our energy, like Qi, or Prana, or Ki, and with these names even atheists and agnostics might have no longer any problem. I think that one day all humans have to face the question: “I feel Love and where does it come from. Who felt Love for the first time and how did it spread in the universe?”
To be honest I must admit that till I read this book I more felt like an agnostic (I don’t know), but thanks to this book and how It reveals Itself, I reconciled myself quite easily with the Creator of his and my Love. And as I was asked to find my own names I came up with two very nice names, it rejoices in me when I say them: “You who loved me before I was born or You who loves me just like I am.” Two pure names coming from my heart and soul and from who I Am. May these names also rejoice in your heart and invite You to find the right names for You.
To conclude a small poem
I never forget you Anita Boom

Maybe you have slightly forgotten me
In all the lives you lived
Not always you recovered your breath
In between all those lives
I never forgot you
Never stopped loving you
Knew that one day we
would remember each other
in one deep breath
I wish you all loads of Love for your-Self in the first place, all the rest follows.
If you want to get deeper into the matter of this “Course of Love” you can always contact me, also when you just want to share something with me.
I also give home-seminars for you and your family and friends about:
“A Course in Love in my life practice”.
With Love,
Johan Claus